About Us 

At Magnet Fashion, we believe that style, good fashion, and happy customers should not be compromised for anything. Magnets’ luxurious style should be comfortable, accessible, and selectively affordable for both ‘Men & Women’ alike!

Magnet Fashion made its place in the prestigious footwear industry under the foundation of the 3 eminent personalities who stitched down a history that in return established the brand's legacy for generations now. Mr. Nasir Ahmed Khan, Mr. Shahzada Salim Khan, and Mr. Pervez Ahmed Khan respectively crafted a fashion brand that has become a creatively ideated name in the glamorous journey of premium quality shoemaking in India with ‘good fashion’. So with Magnet, it is not just a pair of shoes that we offer, it's an overjoying feeling that makes you stand out and raises your fashion standard forever!

Originally the ‘founder trinity of Magnet’ stood searching for quality leather shoes with a  final design collection. However, they ended up discovering something much more significant that would appeal to both men, women, and kids alike.

The growth of ‘Magnet Fashion’ is a direct sequel of the overwhelming love, support, and demand received from our happy customers whom we have been serving for nearly about 20+ years in major cities like Bangalore, Amritsar, and Kolkata; we are back with Magnet’s first-ever online presence showcasing its unrivaled quality, skilled craftsmanship, and high-fashion preference in the footwear industry of India.


Our Products 

Magnet’s footwear is posh, handcrafted, qualitative, and 100% compatible with the feel and look-good vibe matching effortlessly, taking you away from the boardroom to the fancy dates in a restaurant to the big celebration and finally towards the corporate dominions.


Our Collection is measured in variety including loafers, slipons, moccasins, lace-ups, platforms, etc, and is made with the wholeness, simplicity, and confidence that a definitive look offers, also staying durable to last for seasons to come.


As they say "Nothing works better than just improving your product." likewise Magnet is very attentive towards ‘One and All’, delivering the most immaculate design style, distinctiveness, greater comfort, and luxury in a superlative way.

Over time, Magnet Fashion has been supported and worn by many people. Our customers don't want to leave us and we are confident once you get your hands on our products, you won't either! We guarantee the most professional service and quality you will ever experience!

Our Mission


By establishing a culture of trust in the fashion industry at every opportunity and consistently demonstrating a commitment to innovation, quality, service, and satisfying the needs of the customer, we aim to set a global standard for execution in the industry. We have a wide array of retail outlets, e-commerce sites, and every innovative means available to us.".


Our Vision


Our Vision is” To realize your Dream of fashion into reality”


Magnet was born with a vision” To realize your Dream of fashion into reality” Though we are in line with this since manufacturing but the opportunity to interact with the end user came at a time when it was the most appropriate, perhaps when India is pacing towards the organized retail sector and increase in ppp.

Our Statement

We value consumers above everything and use premium materials for the products and follow rules such as :


- Maintaining strong customer relationships and service

- Passion for creating exemplary products

- Respecting the preferences of every individual

- Keeping up with integrity and innovation

India is a fashionable country and Magnet strives to ensure the ‘Fashion-Forward appeal’ to your shopping experience which shall be filled with a successful online presence that will attract the attention and become the envy of every passerby.


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